Saroras Private Capital Launches Apollo Intelligence Corporation

STAMFORD, CT, July 22, 2020—Saroras Private Capital (Saroras), a private equity investment firm focused on the technology-enabled services industry, has announced the establishment of Apollo Intelligence Corporation (Apollo), a platform company automating the creation of technology-driven data and insights solutions for research and marketing professionals in the life sciences and healthcare industries. Apollo currently operates...


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Italy & Spain: Physician Perspective Post Pandemic

SHG reached out to 190 HCPs in the hard hit regions of Italy & Spain to understand next steps and concerns regarding their country-specific plans for reopening after the COV19 Pandemic. We've compiled their insights on the increase of new patient COVID cases & deaths, hospital readiness for a second wave, post-pandemic learnings, and overall opinions on lockdown...

ReadySet Intel

Quick Turn | Self-Serve Exclusive to MR Agencies & Consultancies our Panel At Your Fingertips Program and Launch in Minutes, Results in Real Time Imagine being able to access quality opinions of healthcare professionals directly from SHG’ industry-leading panel, quickly & independently, the moment the need arises. ReadySet Intel allows you to design your questions, …

Coping During COVID: Expert Guidance on Mental Health Effects of COVID

As the number of cases of COVID-19 increase, so does the associated anxiety... SurveyHealthcareGlobus paired up with Mental Health America (MHA) to help bring forth the importance of and issues surrounding mental health awareness. This year, we sharpened our focus on the mental health efforts of  COVID-19; social distancing, self-isolation, and future-uncertainty.