HealthTech AMP

At SHG, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ongoing innovation. For over a decade, SHG has been rolling out customized tools to solve each new challenge presented by the ever-evolving healthcare market research landscape. Today we offer all those solutions under one powerful and proprietary technology platform – SHG's HealthTech AMP. Every project SHG runs utilizes the HealthTech AMP as our internal research management interface, allowing our team full flexibility to incorporate each application, as needed, at any time throughout the project lifecycle.


The HUB is a sampling solution that allows multiple sample providers to recruit at one time, in one centralized fielding effort, spearheaded by SHG. By utilizing the HUB, there is no limit to the amount of partners that can participate, allowing for maximized reach. Our system eliminates duplication, by verifying in real time if a respondent has already completed a survey from any other sample providers. The result is the largest possible quotas, fielded quickly and within budget, all led by a single SHG point-person.



List Mirror is used to overcome common list match difficulties that would otherwise hinder successful fieldwork. The technology will optimize any list for matching by broadening the identifiable factors through curated algorithms and append additional information through third party databases (NPI, ME, and AMA). Through this multi-step process our proprietary global panel will produce an unparalleled match for our client’s on-list research. When in-field, List Mirror utilizes third party sources and our socio-demographic panel data to enhance the quality of the list for optimal performance. The result is accurate and guaranteed feasibility estimates at the proposal stage and 30% more on-list completes in field.



Authentic ID is a custom built, patent-pending technology that identifies duplicate responses as well as false positives. This always-on-application prevents duplicate entries from re-entering a study by tracking multiple data points. In addition, the common mistake of flagging incorrect removals is eliminated by leveraging SHG’s robust panel profiling data. Authentic ID enhances your data integrity by moving beyond the scope of existing boxed solutions or the reliance on IP address alone, into a more robust and thoughtful state of the art. The result is the most qualified completes on your study, without compromising our commitment to Perfect Data.



PM Assist is a tool utilized by SHG project managers to schedule automated study updates to all clients, internal contacts, and additional partners. This dynamic application allows for full customization of all data points and contact groups at any time, for a more efficient, streamlined correspondence throughout the fielding process. The result is regularly scheduled, proactive updates to all key stakeholders, enabling project managers to focus on high priority tasks and not communication logistics.



Email Relay enables our clients to communicate with respondents while maintaining complete anonymity. When clients request to contact a panel member in regards to their study, they can now do so easily, without any concerns of a PII breach. We achieve this by generating a unique alias in place of the respondent’s actual email address, providing a compliant and controlled means for communication. The result is access to pertinent information that is required to fulfill your project, in a safe and timely manner.